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Our Work

When community members combine their local expertise with what we know works from the science of violence prevention, communities can unleash their power. CSPV leads the Youth Violence Prevention Center – Denver (YVPC-D) and partners with local community organizations in the Montbello and Park Hill neighborhoods of Denver, Colorado, to prevent youth violence. YVPC-D utilizes the Communities That Care (CTC) model, an evidence-based process that engages and mobilizes local communities to make data-driven decisions to address critical issues in the community. We work with the community to identify, implement, and evaluate community-wide strategies that create safe, supportive environments for all young people.

The Power of One

The Youth Violence Prevention Center-Denver (YVPC-D) project is funded through a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  The CDC commissioned a promotional video entitled “The Power of Prevention” to highlight the work of the YVPC-D.  In this video viewers will meet some of the YVPC-D project’s critical partners, and follow a spark of positive energy as it jumps between partners and community members during the course of violence prevention activities in Denver’s Park Hill and Montbello neighborhoods.

Our Partners

CSPV is proud to be designated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as one of five Youth Violence Prevention Centers, and recognized as a national center of excellence. The national YVPC program aims to prevent youth violence by linking research to practice, building local infrastructure to support interventions, and enhancing academic and community partnerships.

CSPV collaborates with Steps to Success in Montbello and Park Hill Strong in Park Hill, which are two local organizations that build and maintain community coalitions to support and sustain youth violence prevention efforts.

Our Impact


We collect and analyze data from a community survey, and then provide these results back to our partners so that community members and organizations can make data-driven decisions to prioritize areas of action to prevent youth violence:

We have built capacity of communities to implement best practices and monitor their efforts over time, supporting the growth of local infrastructure to maintain and sustain prevention efforts: