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The violence our community of Boulder, Colorado, experienced on March 22, 2021 is simply devastating. We are heartbroken for lives lost and for the grief and trauma being experienced by families and survivors.

Over the last 20 years, we at CSPV have studied and implemented programs on violence prevention in schools and communities across Colorado, the U.S., and abroad. We know from this work that our nation possesses the tools and the knowledge for preventing violence in schools and communities. We also have the resources to assess, intervene, and manage people who have been swept up in the current of violence.

To this point in the U.S., however, we have lacked the political will, prevention mindset, and consistent funding to fully implement a comprehensive public health approach to violence prevention.

Now is the time for that to change. In these times of great sorrow, many wonder what they can do to prevent these tragedies. A key violence prevention strategy involves individuals and communities reporting concerning behavior. Fortunately, this is something we can all do starting now. To learn about the warning signs, what actions to take, and how to access resources for mental health, suicide, and violence concerns, please see CSPV’s Bystander Reporting Fact Sheet.

To learn more about the philosophy that drives our work, we also invite you to read this blog post from our Director, Dr. Beverly Kingston. At CSPV, we believe in the power of people to support those grieving, report safety concerns, and adopt a violence prevention mindset.

CSPV is also deeply engaged in reflecting on, learning about, and discussing our role in addressing systemic racism, oppression, and inequity within our organization and with our partners in our violence prevention. We invite you to read this statement, collaboratively written by CSPV staff.

Violence has detrimental impacts on society, dramatically impacting well-being and human potential. We know this can change. Violence can be prevented.
Partner with us to create a world where everyone feels safe by putting what we know works from research into practice.

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“Billions of people suffer from the effects of violence and this can change. We know what works to prevent violence and create the conditions that support human potential. It is time to ensure this knowledge gets out into the world and put into practice.”

Beverly Kingston
Director, Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence

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