The Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence (CSPV) aims to bridge the gap between research and practice to ensure that the best that is known from prevention research gets into the hands of those who need it most. On this page you can find:

Most of the documents listed can be downloaded in Adobe® PDF format.

Safe Communities Safe Schools Resources

Safe Communities Safe Schools Overview, (2015). This is an ideal starting place in your reading of our various SCSS guides and factsheets.

Safe Communities Safe Schools Planning Guide, (2015). This guide presents the Safe Communities Safe Schools model for developing a safe school plan.

Safe Communities Safe Schools Action Guide, (2015). This guide presents detailed information about selecting, implementing, monitoring and evaluating programs.

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Steps to Success Resources

Steps to Success Overview (2013). A brief history of the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) National Centers of Excellence in Youth Violence Prevention (formerly called ACE) and a description of the Montbello Steps to Success project, a collaborative effort of CSPV, the University of Colorado's School of Medicine/Children's Hospital and community leaders and residents from the Montbello neighborhood of northeast Denver to reduce youth violence.

Steps to Success FAQ (2015). Answers frequently asked questions about the Steps to Success Project.

Community Risk Assessment Report (2014). This report describes the results of the risk and protective factor assessment completed as part of Steps to Success and highlights prioritized risk and protective factors specific to the Montbello community. See also Community Risk Assessment Report Executive Summary (2014).

Community Resources Assessment Report (2013). This report describes the results of the work completed by the Resources Assessment and Evaluation committee as part of Steps to Success, and highlights prioritized evidence-based programs that address the risk and protective factors that were selected by the Risk and Protective Factor Assessment committee. That process is detailed in the Community Risk Assessment Report.

Community Action Plan Phase 1 (2013). The approved plan for reducing youth violence and promoting positive youth development in Montbello.

Community Action Plan Summary (2014). A brief overview of the Montbello neighborhood's identified risk and protective factors, program selection process and implementation plan.

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CSPV Position Summaries and Response Letters

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Report on the Arapahoe High School Shooting

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