LifeSkills Training

LifeSkills Training Program Information

There are a number of informational resources that provide detailed information about the LifeSkills Training middle school program, which can be helfpul when informing administrators, teachers, counselors, and parents about the program.

  • LST Program Fact Sheet
  • General information about the LifeSkills Training program in a brief fact sheet.
  • LST and SEL
  • The LifeSkills Training program's alignment with Social and Emotional Learning Competencies.
  • Objectives and Educational Outcomes Fact Sheet
  • Fact sheet explaining how the objectives and components comprising the LST program have been linked through other research to positive educational outcomes.
  • Middle School Scope and Sequence
  • Link to a document listing the goals as well as the skills taught for each lesson.
  • Sample lessons
  • Link to a sample lesson from the teacher manual and student guide of the curriculum.
  • LST Curriculum Alignment Tools
  • Tools that help align the program's objectives to a universal standard, which can aid sites in aligning the program to specific state educational standards.