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Matrix of Programs as Identified by Various Federal and Private Agencies

The Rating Categories and Criteria document below identifies various federal and private agencies that have rated the effectiveness of prevention programs designed to reduce or eliminate problem behaviors such as delinquency, aggression, violence, substance use, school behavioral problems, mental health problems, and risk factors identified as predictive of these problems. This document describes the criteria that have been identified for program inclusion by each agency. Information about each agency's selection criteria was gathered directly from the agency's website.

The Matrix of Prevention Programs is a table listing programs that have been rated by each agency. The Matrix can aid the practitioner by showing how various programs have been rated across different agencies. It should be noted that just because a program has been reviewed by one of the agencies does not necessarily mean it is a "best" program, as some programs rate low and have minimal evidence. Greater confidence can be placed in programs with consistently higher ratings across multiple agencies, since their outcomes have been achieved using more rigorous evaluation. Whenever possible, use programs that have achieved the highest ratings.

It is our hope that these documents will shed some light on the many programs that have reviewed by various agencies promoting school safety, child and adolescent development and well-being.

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