Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence

Colorado Rural Schools Safety Project

Project Title: Training Colorado’s Rural Schools and Districts on Threat Assessment and Anonymous Reporting for an Integrated Systems Approach to Violence Prevention

Bureau of Justice Assistance STOP School Violence Program Grant (2020-2023)

CSPV is partnering with rural school districts and their local law enforcement and mental health partners to identify and address students’ behavioral and mental health needs to prevent violence. The project provides training and technical assistance to 30 rural school districts’ safety teams, school staff, and students across Colorado. The trainings address the warning signs for violence (e.g., suicide, homicide, assault, abuse, bullying), the ways to report those signs (e.g., trusted adult, Safe2Tell Colorado), and the procedures for assessing and managing risk and threats. Additionally, the project includes training on systems coordination for violence prevention. This coordination seeks to build and deploy a gap-free system, where tips are thoroughly investigated, where concerning information is shared appropriately, and where students in crisis are compassionately supported. Our project partners include the Colorado School Safety Resource Center, Colorado Attorney General’s Office, National School Safety Center, National Association of School Resource Officers, and Colorado Rural Schools Alliance.