Who We Are

At CSPV, we partner with you and use what we know works from prevention science to create a world where individuals, families, and schools flourish in communities free from the harms of violence. We specialize in the challenging and rewarding work of connecting scientific knowledge to real-world settings.

CSPV bridges the gap between research and practice.

Our Vision

A world where everyone feels safe.

Our Mission

We prevent violence and promote healthy development by partnering with decision-makers and action-takers to strategically integrate the best available research into practice.

Meet Our People

Our Values

Our equity statement and values define the essence of our organizational culture and guide how we operate as an organization and collaborate with our partners.


Equity Statement:

Dismantling systems of oppression is integral to breaking cycles of violence. To combat these systems, we use social-justice-oriented methods and rely on community expertise to co-create spaces of inclusion that advance equal opportunities for all to achieve their full human potential.




We cultivate and rely on partnerships to integrate diverse views and lived experiences to develop relevant, sustainable solutions, and mitigate unintended consequences.

Continuous Learning and Unlearning

We embrace humility as we ask questions, seek answers, and examine biases to increase self-awareness, expand our knowledge, and challenge assumptions.

Culture of Safety and Wellbeing

We aspire to co-create respectful environments where everyone can be their authentic self, feel valued, and access opportunities to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

Scientific Excellence and Advancement

We leverage the best available scientific evidence and rely on the local context and partner needs to progress violence prevention research and evaluation.


We invite you to read our official statement describing our Center’s role in addressing systemic racism, oppression, and inequity within our organization and with our partners. 

History of CSPV

CSPV was founded in 1992 by internationally renowned violence researcher Dr. Delbert S. Elliott to reduce violence and promote positive youth development. Since then, CSPV has successfully led over 75 comprehensive school and community initiatives in Colorado and across the nation, totaling over $80 million dollars.

Fifty years ago, the Kerner Commission Report focused on identifying what should be done to address violence. The report stated, “the nation must stop doing what doesn’t work and replicate what does work at a scale equal to the dimensions of our problems.” For nearly 30 years, CSPV has been a pioneer in studying and identifying what works and championing the use of evidence-based programs, practices, and policies with the highest scientific standards. This includes ending the use of programs that lack evidence of effectiveness or have harmful effects.

Photo Dr. Delbert S. Elliott CSPV has learned firsthand about the challenges to implementing what works and has spent nearly 30 years studying those challenges and developing processes to address them. In response, CSPV researchers have designed, conducted, and led comprehensive school and community initiatives and research studies that involve working in partnership with schools and communities to strategically select and effectively implement evidence-based programs, practices, and policies using a public health approach. CSPV is housed within the Prevention Science Program within the Institute of Behavioral Science at the University of Colorado Boulder.