3 Ways to Prevent School Shootings, Based on Research

CSPV’s Dr. Beverly Kingston and Dr. Sarah Goodrum wrote an article for The Conversation about their research that school shootings are tragic, but parents, students, and school staff can take […]

A Sentenced Life

“A Sentenced Life” is a Rocky Mountain PBS News documentary that follows four Coloradans as they navigate four stages of the criminal justice system. Dr. Beverly Kingston, CSPV Director, describes […]

Experts Shed Light on Preventing Violence

The Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence (CSPV) turns 30 this year! Its founder (Del Elliott) and current director (Beverly Kingston) share thoughts on the center’s legacy in […]

Mass shootings change the way Coloradans live

Alan Gionet, from CBS News Colorado, spoke with Dr. Beverly Kingston about mass shootings and the need to have systems in place to address the root causes for the violence […]

Mass Violence Takes Toll on Americans’ Psyches

The following story in the Washington Post argues that repeated shootings in schools, churches, and stores are eroding a sense of safety. Beverly Kingston, Director of CSPV, is quoted in […]

Why a single slap struck so many

Washington Post reporter Allyson Chiu interviewed CSPV director Dr. Beverly Kingston and other experts about the public’s strong emotional reactions to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscar’s.